Summer Concert June 27th 2015

Brentwood Choral Society pulled out all the stops and delighted the packed audience at Hutton & Shenfield Union Church on Saturday evening.

Switching style from the solemn Requiems that moved the Cathedral audience so much in March, Brentwood Choral Society presented their Summer Concert “A Night at the Theatre” on June 27th.

Ably accompanied on piano by Della Nicholson and conducted by Brentwood Choral Society’s own musical director Mich Sampson, the programme of light music consisted of   Gilbert and Sullivan favourites, plums from other musical shows, and a medley from the musical My Fair Lady. It was a good balance between individual choral and audience participation pieces.

                   The Visiting Soloists (Photo Courtesy of Richard Broomfield)
The Visiting Soloists
(Photo Courtesy of Richard Broomfield)

There were adept solo performances from both visiting artistes (Stephanie Lomax, Marilisa Valtazanou, Vidthyan Vasanthan and Vincent Daniels) and choir members (established and new). They all contributed greatly to the charm and pleasure of the evening. Vincent Daniels’ lively rendition of “My name is John Wellington Wells” was particularly entertaining and the a cappella “Hail Poetry” from The Pirates of Penzance, made a fitting finale as Brentwood Choral Society demonstrated their growing musical abilities.

Photo Courtesy of Richard Broomfield
Photo Courtesy of Richard Broomfield

The audience was in good voice too, as cajoled by conductor Mich Sampson, they entered into the spirit of the evening by joining in with such songs as the stirring “Do you hear the People sing?”, the rather plaintiff “If I were a rich Man” and the melodic “Summertime”. A member of the audience commented: “Everybody could sing along as we all knew the songs so well. A wonderful and joyful summer evening. Thank you so much”.


Photo Courtesy of Richard Broomfield
Mich Sampson, Musical Director & Della Nicolson on piano (Photo Courtesy of Richard Broomfield)