Becoming a Member

No audition or previous choral experience is required but the ability to read music at a basic level would be advantageous. However if you can’t, do speak to our musical director who will offer advice.

New members are invited to attend in time to rehearse for one of our BCS concerts so they can quickly experience a live performance. There is a 6 weeks no commitment period for you to decide whether you would like to join us. At the first rehearsal you will be asked to provide your contact details on a short form and sign the attendance sheet.

After the trial period has finished, you will be asked to pay the subscription fee (pro rata for the first term).  The current subscription fee is £100 per annum with students eligible for a concession. The fees may be paid in instalments and are used to pay for expenses associated with mounting concerts e.g. hiring a venue.

Repertoire and concert schedule. BCS as the name suggests, specialises in choral music interspersed with lighter programmes.  The choir produces both a  Winter and Summer concert and together with other local choirs, participates in more formal concerts two or three times  a year.

Members are asked to wear formal dress (women white blouses/ black skirts/trousers, Men black jacket and tie) for the formal concerts. Generally, a more informal look is preferred for our own BCS concerts i.e. light coloured plain tops with black skirts/trousers for the women, shirt sleeves for the men.

The concert programmes are drawn up taking into account the skills and experience of current choir members.

Organisation of BCS. Our Musical Director is Jonathan Schranz who currently works with 3 other choirs as well as BCS. More details are  available at

The Society is managed via a committee of elected officers and co-opted members together with our musical director. This meets bi-monthly and an annual AGM is held in the autumn term.

Members are asked to sign in at each rehearsal for health and safety purposes i.e. in case of fire, and also to monitor overall attendance.  Depending on the concert, there may sometimes be a minimum rehearsal requirement but this will be announced in advance.

Rehearsal information etc. is made available at each meeting and is also posted on this  website.

There is a short break for refreshments organised by members on a rota basis. A small charge is made to cover costs.

Music is made available for each member. Sometimes photcopied material is used but for the longer more formal concerts, vocal scores are hired for a set period. As late return incurs additional costs so each member is asked to sign for their music and to return it promptly.